Dove Nourishing Secrets Lotus Flower Scent Dry Spray Antiperspirant

April 25, 2020 Report

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I tried the Dove (@dovecanada) Nourishing Secrets Lotus Flower Scent Dry Spray Antiperspirant product and I absolutely love it! I usually only use stick type deodorant, but this spray was a perfect introduction to a dry spray antiperspirant.

The scent is subtle and so fresh! The bottle is the perfect size and the nozzle isn’t too hard to use. PLUS, it doesn’t spray out an overwhelming amount and doesn’t spray all over, so it doesn’t get on my clothes.

It dries really quickly (it doesn’t leave that wet feeling, which I totally dislike), yet it doesn’t make your under arms feel dry throughout the day – keeps them nice and moisturized.

This product really keeps me feeling fresh! I would definitely recommend and purchase again. #antiperspirant #dove


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