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April 23, 2020 Report

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Looking for a boost of energy mid-day but don't want to sacrifice your sleep at night? Coffee Booster Energy has your back. 

If you're a coffee drinker like me, you know that you've made the mistake once or twice (or a few) where you have a cup a little bit too late in the day and you're left staring at the ceiling until 3am. While not exactly the most pleasant of situations, it's the reality for some people who are sensitive to caffeine. 

This is where Coffee Booster Energy comes into play. If you're looking for a little kick in your step but don't want to get a coffee for fear of it interrupting your sleep, use Coffee Booster Energy to help. With just 25mg of caffeine per serving (2 squirts), it's less than half the amount in some other caffeinated beverages, yet still enough to give you that little boost. In addition to a small amount of caffeine, Coffee Booster Energy also has taurine and B vitamins that are involved in energy production. With zero taste, you don't have to worry if you're not a fan of coffee. Simply put two squirts in your favourite tea! Alternatively, you could throw a bit in your smoothie or juice to give you that extra boost you might be needing. 

I found this product great to add into a mid afternoon decaf coffee. You still get the great taste of your usual and a small bit of caffeine, without the risk of going overboard and it impeding on your sleep. 

My favourite way?

1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, heated

1 tbsp. Hazelnut coffee creamer (almond based)

2 shots favourite espresso (I use Nespresso pods) or decaf coffee

1 squirts Coffee Booster Energy

It's the perfect blend of sweet and creamy with a little bit of a kick to keep you going for the entire day.

Note that if you're not super sensitive to caffeine, you're likely not going to notice much using one serving, so don't expect a huge effect! 


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Coffee Booster

by Andrea Barrett
by Andrea Barrett
by Andrea Barrett

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