Show off your personality while enjoying a cold adul beverage- to the last drop- with a Brumate Imperial Pint! - Peopletail

Show off your personality while enjoying a cold adul beverage- to the last drop- with a Brumate Imperial Pint!

April 20, 2020 Report

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Sometimes, after a long day at work or a nice day on my back deck, I like to enjoy a nice, cold, adult beverage. Something that interferes with this enjoyment is that the drink tends to get warmer as it sits there next to me. I recently found the perfect solution to this dilemma- Brumate!

Brumate is a manufacturer of beverage holders designed to keep adult beverages cold (or hot) so that they are good to the last mouthful.

The Imperial Pint is my favourite design. It is designed to hold 20 oz. and keep that cold drink good for 12 hours, or that hot drink good for 4 hours!!! I have left ice in the cup overnight and it is still there the next day!

This stainless-steel design is triple wall insulated so that it does not sweat on the outside, so no need to worry about coasters! Also, Brumate has “Bevguard Tech” that prevents it from giving a metallic flavour to your drink the way some other brands do.

Another favourite feature for me is the wide variety of designs and patterns available- including two of my loves- Rose Gold Glitter and the limited-edition Sunflower print (see below)! You can express your persoanlity through their many fun designs.

I am so impressed with Brumate products that they have replaced all the glasses in my house! I use them regularly for hot and cold beverages of all types (tea, juice, water, and so on)!

Here is a fun recipe for your next adult moment…

Add a couple of ice cubes to your favourite Brumate then add:

1 ounce of Coconut rum

1.5 ounces of Disaronno

5 ounces of Lemon-Lime soda

Top with .5 ounces of Blue Curaçao


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