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Award-winning, innovative and celebrated by Dr. Gifford-Jones! Certified Naturals plant-based Cal/Mag!

April 17, 2020 Report

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Wow! As a nutrition professional for over 20 years I've not come across a more versatile and therapeutic product that 'ticks' so many boxes! This award-winning liquid and capsule formula is second to none.

Certified Naturals uses evidenced-based and often patented ingredients to maintain its therapeutic approach. CN Cal/Mag contains Aquamin Red Algae as its key ingredient. Aquamin is harvested sustainably off the coast of Iceland with a lot of the harvest going back to the Icelandic agriculture and farming industry to support and enhance the health of their crops and animals. Aquamin is also the recipient of awards in innovation!

Certified Naturals Aquamin complex has over 30 clinical studies to support claims for osteoporosis, osteopenia, joint inflammation and gut inflammatory conditions.

The health benefits of Certified Naturals Cal/Mag don't just start and stop with bone health like other calcium/magnesium formulas. Bone support is only the beginning! Not only does CN plant-based cal/mag deliver the most bioavailable form of calcium and magnesium, but because it is a red algae source, every other mineral is found in this formula - what this means is that you are getting a fully bioavailable trace mineral formula harvested from pristine waters in Iceland. Also, when we look at the microscopic format of this food-derived calcium, we see a honeycomb structure instead of the 'layered brick' structure that is usually found looking at a calcium source from limestone. AND excitingly, CN cal/mag boasts 3 types of calcium 'polymorphs' vs. the one type found in limestone, which is called calcite. Calcite is very hard to break down and be utilized in the human body (that's why we run into cardiovascular issues and bone spurs with other, less absorbable calcium); however, with the other types that are found in a plant-based sourced, the bioavailability drastically increases as one of these polymorph calciums is WATER-SOLUBLE!! IKR! A calcium supplement that has a water-soluble component! 

The best part is that due to the increased bioavailability and other awesomeness, Certified Naturals Cal/Mag stimulates osteoblastic activity (bone growth cells) and inhibits osteoclastic activity (bone break down cells) in a such a way as to promote healthy bone growth! So, not just providing supportive minerals, this formula GROWS BONE AND PREVENTS BONE LOSS! Studies also show a reduction in pain and inflammation for joint problems as well as reducing and/or eliminating inflammatory gut conditions like colon polyps! And there are more studies exploring athletic applications.

I've had the pleasure of working directly with this formula with my clients! I've supported its use for consumers seeking bone health (with amazing results ps!) but, a lot of the success I see is for gut health! Those of us with compromised GI tracts have a hard time (if not impossible time) absorbing nutrients. Well, this full trace mineral (remember plant-based, therefore a MUCH higher bioavailability) formula reduces inflammation, thereby increasing our ability to function better! AND most of us with gut issues can't eat foods rich in calcium and other minerals -- that's why it's the first product I highlight when looking at healing strategies for gut, joint and bone health!!! So exciting that this sustainably harvested Icelandic red algae is not only available online, but also found in health food stores that have an account with Hedley Nutritionals!

And lovingly celebrated by the Gifford-Jones family, (also stay updated on Instagram) I couldn't be happier to boast the benefits of this truly amazing product!! OH!! And have I said how delightful it tastes!! The orange is like a creamsicle!! Mmmmmm.....


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