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Where Mind, Body and Spirit come together in Harmony (CannaCell Botanical Body Lotion by Andalou)

April 07, 2020 Report

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Andalou Naturals has a CannaCell line that I am very much a big fan of. I have used many of their products and the quality is amazing. Recently I tried the CannaCell Botanical Body Lotion madw with Chamomile and Myrtle Leaf , as well as what I would call the superfoods for the skin Hemp Stem Cells and Cannabis Stavia Cell Culture Extract.

The Ingredients are great there are no Pthalates or Parabens. No Sulfates or Silcones. I also noticed there are no Perfumes and instead contains essential oils. The aloe is very soothing and leaves your skin hydrated.

Did you know ? CannaCell Hemp Stem Cells work to counteract free radicals and prevent premature ageing of the skin caused by environmental stressors like oxidative damage, sun exposure and urban pollution.

If you have irritated skin the Chamomile Oil is a great benefit because it is very soothing with an added bonus of calming the mind as well.

This body lotion used before bed is great too because the myrtle oil is calming and supports relaxation.

We focus a lot of attention on our facial skin but not the skin on our bodies. This body lotion gives your skin amazing glow, hydration and protection all in one tube so why wouldn't you make your skin a priority.

This lotion has left my skin hydrated and smelling amazing. The scent is so light and refreshing.

This lotion takes your Mind, Body and Spirit and brings them all together in Harmony. I highly recommend this product and to be honest any of the products made by Andalou Naturals.


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