PB&ME powdered peanut butter

April 04, 2020 Report

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When I first thought of buying powdered peanut butter my expectations where low. I love peanut butter!!! Especially in my smoothies. This is the perfect add to your smoothie!!! It has no added sugar, 7 g of protein per serving! And only 60 calories! If you are looking to add something to your smoothies this is it! You won't regret it! The price tag is really good! Paid 10$ at my local grocery store! 


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Fresh food straight to your door.

This week I received my first ever chefs plate! I have to say I loved my experience! The website was easy to maneuver. The choices also in what kinda of meals we could chose was great! They all looked really good! It was hard only to pic two! The order...
by Natalie Patenaude

Roku device

I got a roku device for Christmas! I absolutely love it! We don't have satellite or cable and this is perfect! It's a great price, we are getting two more! One for my bedroom and one for my kids room. There is so many option for apps on the roku!...
by Natalie Patenaude

A boost of energy.

Sometimes is the morning a simple coffee doesn't quite do the trick. Let me assure you this coffee booster will wake you up!  One of the things that I love about this liquid energy coffee booster is that it is flavourless. Therefore it will not change the taste of your...
by Natalie Patenaude

Easy squeeze vitamin booster!

This is a vitamin coffee booster! You just squeeze your vitamin straight into your coffee. It is tasteless so it doesn't change the taste of your morning java! I simply put it next to my coffee maker and voila, I got my vitamins for the day! It Is also dairy...
by Natalie Patenaude

Enhance your pets health!!!

Rejeneril is a Cellular supplement for cats and dogs of all ages. We have a 10 year old husky and her joints are definitely not what they used to be. We decided to give this a try. It's definitely helped her with her joint pain and is also giving her...
by Natalie Patenaude

Men's chewy vitamins

Theses are a multivitamin just for men! They are a nice and chewy just like a gummy bear! Definitely makes it easier to get my husband to take a multivitamin!   The super start ingredients of these are omega 3, vitamin D, Lycopene, CoQ10, Folate,B12 and Iodine. There are many...
by Natalie Patenaude