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Not for me

April 03, 2020 Report

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Tried out this 4 step from Neutrogena but it didn't agree with my skin type. Overall it is very refreshing and seems to be a great product but I have very sensitive skin. 


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Tried a few brands of natural deodorant and this is the one that worked best for me nit had a good smell and lasted throughout the day. Overall this one has been by far my favorite yet. 
by JMD Reviews


Absolutely love using this product for my craft projects. It's so easy to use and great value for the money. I would definitely recommend to other crafters! 
by JMD Reviews

So good!

These are an absolute treat and a great healthy alternative to candy! It tastes exactly like candy but with the benefits of way less sugar. I've bought the multiple times and will continue to as a healthy alternative! 
by JMD Reviews

Great picture!

Samsung tv purchased in 2012 and still going strong. It had a great picture and is perfect for our bedroom. We since purchased another Samsung tv for our family room after having great luck with this one! I would recommend this brand to family and friends. 
by JMD Reviews


Bought this HP all in one about a year ago to do basic stuff with it. Little did I know a year later I would need it to work from home during a pandemic crisis. This computer has been 100% reliable and take so little space. I'm so happy with...
by JMD Reviews


Bought these industrial pipes and turned them in to bathroom fixtures! Made shelves, toilet paper holder and hand towel holder. Great product to make rustic farmhouse decor. Priced well and easy to work with! I've recommended these to friends and family who are looking for the same style. 
by JMD Reviews