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Vaseline hand cream

April 02, 2020 Report

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I tried this amazing hand creme for the first time and it is pretty magical. I have really dry hands because I work in a daycare so i wash my hands alot! When i first tried it I taught that it was a bit sticky and greasy before it all dry in. After a few time it was really great and it did a really great job when I realized my hand was not dry at all. I definitely recommand this product to anyone with dry and cracking hands. It  puts your hands really soft after using it! 


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Dove men+ care dry spray

I tried this dry spray from dove. At first my boyfriend and I find that the scent wasn't strong enough for him. After a few days using it we got used to it and it felt like the scent was stronger. The dry spray last him and kept him fresh...
by Roxanne Breau

Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale

Usually I don't like anything that's cranberry, but ohh my I was so surprise when i tasted this! I was thinking I'll try to not do a silly face while swallowing it. Turn out I loved it and I started buying some regularly. The taste is definitely amazing for someone...
by Roxanne Breau

premier protein

They have 30g of protein in this little drink, only 1g of sugar,its low fat and 24 vitamins and minerals! Caramel - This one has an amazing taste usually i don't like drink like this because it has a weird and chalky taste but this one doesn't. If you like...
by Roxanne Breau

Need energy and vitamins but can't swallow supplements this is the product for you!

Vitamins and Energy coffee booster is a flavorless liquid for coffee. It’s the perfect product for the one that can’t swallow supplements or can’t digest them well. It’s a liquid that you put in your hot beverage. You have to add two squirt of the energy or vitamins booster to...

You have pain use muscle care, instant pain relieve!

Muscle care roll on is a pain relieving gel extra strength. This product is use for muscle and joint pain relief. Adults and children of 12years old or more doesn’t need to consult a doctor but any children under 12years old need to consult a doctor before the use. Muscle...

Need energy this is it!

Leaf Source humic-fulvic acid complex. It helps supports daily energy, supports joint healt and supports healthy immunity. It also helps with arthritic pain, brain healt, inflammatory condition, fatigue and low energy , nutrient absorption... Leaf source also helps to produce and repair connective tissue, helps eliminate heavy metals, helps with...
by Roxanne Breau