ARTEZA Glitter Tattoo Kit

April 02, 2020 Report

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The Arteza Glitter Tattoo kit really, really impressed me. I didn’t expect it to be as perfect as it was. It’s all down to technique, if you follow the instructions exactly and do it correctly, you’ll get a beautiful looking tattoo. One tip I would give is not to apply the glue super thick, it works better with a thin layer. Gradients also look fantastic.

On that note, I will mention that it also depends on which ‘template’ you choose. While the majority of them look great, there are a few ‘duds’. For example, the bomb tattoo, doesn’t really look like a bomb and doesn’t look great when used. The downside of glitter, as well, is that because everything is shiny your eye doesn’t read the line as well.

These would be an amazing gift or party event for kids, but even adults can enjoy the whimsy here! I found smaller designs washed off too easily (it depends where you put it as well), but bigger designs easily last days through a shower as well.

It can be a little hectic, because the reality is the faster you go, the better the result. Leave it too long and you risk peeling up the glitter with the stencil. For gradient designs like my T-Rex or Cactus (see pictures) I recommend having all the colours ready to go and something to wipe your brush between glitters. Going fast is stressful, but you’ll smile when you see the cool results. Colour blocking is tricky, but well worth it, too. I feel the stencils will lose their stickiness over time, but you’ll get at least five uses out of them and after you can even use eyelash glue or just hold them down to use them.

I definitely recommend this kit, it’s the most fun I’ve had in ages and it would be a massive hit at a party!


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