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Apple cider vinegar benefits in a delicious gummy!

April 01, 2020 Report

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Apple cider vinegar is known for having many health benefits. It aids in digestion, can help improve complexion, boosts the immune system for a healthy heart, aid in weight loss and it's antibacterial properties can aid in the detoxification of the body.

The problem is - apple cider vinegar has an extremely strong, sour taste to it and many experts recommend that we don't drink it. It can harm the enamel on our teeth, hurt the throat and even upset the stomach because it's so harsh.

Goli solved this problem by putting apple cider vinegar in gummy form. Just two gummies equals a serving of acv. It still contains all the antioxidants plus it's packed with superfoods such as beetroot, pomegranate, blackcurrant and citrus. Most importantly, it still contains the mother.

I've been wanting to try apple cider vinegar for ages because I have acid reflux and digestion issues. I haven't tried it though because I have enamel issues already and didn't want to risk harming my teeth.  This is the perfect solution for me and the gummies are absolutely delicious! I really can't believe just how good they taste, plus they're gentle on my stomach. I'm so glad I gave these a try!


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