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Fiberight: Clearly a Winner

April 01, 2020 Report

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Product: Greeniche Fiberight, Digestion Resistant Soluble Corn Dietary Fibre

I have a family member with diabetes. This means his body is not able to properly make or efficiently use insulin, wreaking havoc on blood sugar levels if he isn’t diligent in what he consumes. This is where soluble fibre is an important helper because it isn’t even digested in the bloodstream, so blood glucose is safe from spiking.

Let’s break this product down:

Fibre is basically a carbohydrate that comes from plant products that helps to bulk our stool and promote bowel regularity. What is special about fibre that is ‘soluble’? Soluble fiber is the kind that can be broken down by bacteria in the large intestine, keeping things moving properly. But what does digestion resistant maltodextrin (DRM) do? DRM has a slow rate of fermentation in the gut, so it minimizes bloat and gas. It can also be used as a prebiotic to promote good intestinal bacterial growth. It does not mess with insulin levels, making this a diabetic-friendly option. As it contains little to no calories and generates a feeling of fullness between meals, reducing unnecessary snacking.

To me, a true product test is done with the least number of variables involved. Could this stuff hide well in a basic drink? I don’t want to have to cook or bake just to get in a daily dose of anything because the chances of my continuing with a product like that are pretty slim. I added fresh squeezed orange juice to a teaspoon of the fibre I put in the bottom of a glass. Was I supposed to add it the other way? I had lumps and clumps and had to work to mix it. Might have been a user error, but the directions weren’t specific; it just said to mix with water or beverage. The fine powder eventually all dissolved. There was no smell, no extra taste, no weird colour; dissolves clear. This stuff would be easy to hid on kids . . . or partners. (Wink, wink.) You can also cook and bake with it; it stays stable with heat, acid, freezing and thawing.

This is a great option for everyone, not just people living with diabetes or working to prevent Type 2. As mentioned, it helps keep our insides moving, and reduces constipation, bloating and gas. It manages our cholesterol by sweeping it out of our digestive tract. Very low calorie and a prebotic. Free from sugar and fat. Non-GMO, which is important especially because it is a corn-based product. (Corn is one of the worst GMO offenders.) It dissolves very well in pretty much anything. It is all natural and cruelty-free.

For a product that blends into the scenery, it sure hides a lot of benefits! I say this is a keeper!


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