Granola cups with peanut butter

March 12, 2020 Report

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Yummy already loving this granola cups peanut butter and chocolate. Thank you naturevalleycanada . This has a great taste . I think it combines very good the peanut butter with the chocolate and granola cup. 


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Nescafé instant coffee great

Tonight I am trying out Nescafé #sweet & creamy instant coffee. I think it taste good. I don’t find it too creamy. That’s my opinion. Plus the taste is not that strong also. Over all I give this a 7 . I really enjoy being able to try this out....
by Vanessa collino

Mascara bang

Here is my day makeup look today using my new mascara bang .I want to thanks benefitcanada for this great opportunity for letting me try this out. I am loving it . It's a great quality mascara. 
by Vanessa collino