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Natural and Effective Hand Sanitizer Recipe

March 05, 2020 Report

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Here is an easy and natural hand sanitizer recipe that I've been making for years for my family! It is safe, uses easy to find ingredients, smells delicious and can be used also on shopping carts, any surface, cellphones cases, etc. I leave a bottle in my car, in my purse, and in our kitchen so it is easily accessible when we need it. The biggest thing is when we go to hodpitals and don't want to use Purell, we will use this instead! There are MANY studies proving the effectiveness of clove, tea tree and lemon essential oils agains fungus, viruses and bacteria!

Most the oils I use are form young living however any high quality organic essential oil company will work so use what you have on hand!


1 amber glass bottle from or

2 tbs Penny Lane Organics witch hazel from or 

filtered water

5 drops Trophic vitamin E oil (optional) from

5 drops Thieves essential oil from Young Living

5 drops each of lemon, clove, tea tree and peppermint

See video for recipe directions!


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