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Made this by myself!

February 27, 2020 Report

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I made ground beef the other day when I was making KD.  So I put some away in a container and used it for our shepards pie today.  it was quite delicious. 


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Biore is an awesome product!

I received this product to test and review from Topbox and I have only used it a couple times but now I'm using it every day. It's amazing. It works well and does the job. It does work down and gets rid of your pores. Only thing I hated was...
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Ralph Lauren sample!!

I received this Ralph Lauren perfume sample from Topbox. It definately smells amazing and my hubby loves it! It was a success!
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Coffee is great!

I received this as sample from sampler. I personally don't drink Coffee, I'm a tea drinker but my hubby loved this kind. He loves any type of coffee I get for free lol. 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Vileda Scrunge works amazing!

I was selected to test and review this Vileda Scrunge. It was a 3 pack and I'm down to my last one. They work quite well on pots and pans. one side has a rough side so you cab scrap stuff off then the other side is to wash and...
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

John Frieda Hair Mask!

Received this John freida mission to test and review from Topbox. I first received the Shampoo and Conditioner yesterday in the mail then the hair mask today! I'm quite excited to try these out! 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

My Facebook win and mission!

Here in this picture shows the Shampoo and Conditioner from John Ferida, my mission. My Facebook win from Ennessz Designs, a keychain with 3 wish bracelets and a $1 off coupon for Classico Organic Pasta Sauce! 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning