Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

February 21, 2020 Report

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As each year goes by I've made more conscious decisions too make changes with the products I use on my body. Deodorant is one of them. I've been using natural deodorant now for over 6 years and its something I would never change. Like most conventional deodorants out there they contain high levels of aluminum that block sweat glands and reduce sweat secretion (this by the way is a normal, natural function our bodies need to do) contain many preservatives, and artificial fragrances that are just not healthy for the body.

Schmidt's Natural is now my go to natural deodorant. I recieved the Sage + Vetiver that is enriched with Hemp Seed Oil. The scent at first was very unique. It took a few days too get used to it as I'm more customed to lavendar scented deodorants. Ithas more of an earthy/spice smell to it that became more pleasant as the day went on. It applied smoothly and no greasy residue left behind on my clothes. The ingredients are pure and simple. It's also vegan and cruelty free which I admire.


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Unclogs pores and smooths skin

I get these nasty blackheads under my chin area. I was ready too give up with all the skin creams and oils until I found this. It works so well in removing those pesky blackheads. I use these on my nose as well but you can easily cut them in...
by Kelsey Hoey

Flawless Coverage, Natural looking

Nude by Nature is one of my favorite Makeup brands! The Loose foundation is very light and gives light too medium coverage. If you want a heavier coverage you should put a primer on before applying and of course do a few layers. I prefer the natural look so I...
by Kelsey Hoey

Hydrating and non-greasy!

This Cream provides a hydrating and moisturizing feel that lasted all day long. This non-greasy formula is perfect for everyday use as well as your face. I had zero issues with breakouts while using this on my face and it felt super soft. Of course I would just recommend using...
by Kelsey Hoey

Clean hair in seconds!

This is a great dry shampoo when you are on the go and need a quick fix. I only wash my hair a few times a week and I noticed when I use this in between washes my hair feels so fresh and clean. It has a gorgeous scent too...
by Kelsey Hoey

Rich and Creamy

SoulTree is an All-Natural, 100% Organic Indian Skincare/hair and beauty brand. All of there products are made using Authentic Ayurvedic recipes and made in-house in true Ayurvedic tradition. This facewash is my absolute favorite. You will love it!The Indian Rose Face Wash is made with extracts of Tumeric and Rose....
by Kelsey Hoey

Amazing hydration while being protected by the Sun!

The Hydro Boost SPF water gel sunscreen is so light and refreshing! I love that it has a light scent too it and spreads so well on my skin without having too use a ton! It’s also made with Hyaluronic Acid! Only thing I would change is the added colour....