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Olive oil and aloe makes this winter friendly.

February 18, 2020 Report

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Most winter seasons comes with many things we love, like snow, skiing, sitting by the fireplace, hot cocoa with marshmallows and candy cane. Along with it comes the dreaded flu season,  most seasons see the increase in a new strain of the  viruses.  We can't forget the terrible H1N1 and this year is the new strain of the Coronavirus. 

In other not to dampen our winter fun and spirit,  regular hand washing is very vital to staying healthy and keeping your family and friends safe.  Washing my hands with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day handsoap in peppermint brings one of the beloved winter scents to  uplift your spirits as you do the needful.  

I like how easy and well it lathers up and it's suds are not difficult to wash off. It  contains aloe vera and olive oil,  so my hands did not feel dried out after washing.  I  still do recommend moisturizing as it is winter, and the continued use of heaters to keep us warm also dries up moisture fast.

Deliberate consistent simple hand washing has been proven and trusted to truly combat the spread of the flu and coronavirus. We can still enjoy what we love, give our patented Canadian smiles to all our neighbors and visitors. This simple hygiene tip together  with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day hand soap will go a long way in keeping you safe and spreading smiles.

Feel free to enjoy my little hand washing tutorial below.  


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