Cooking With Bitter Melon

January 20, 2020 Report

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Bitter Melon ~ is bitter (go figure!) but you can learn how to use it so that it's not as bitter.  No, it's not a melon or even from the melon family.  Instead, it's a vegetable much like a squash.

Apparently, bitter melon is good for lowering your blood sugar levels so be kind to yourself and give it a try!  Bitter melon can be pan-fried much like you would pan-fry zucchini.  That's my go-to way of cooking with bitter melon.  I've been informed that you can steam it, put it in chilies, soups, salads, stews, and even stuff them but I've not been that adventurous with it yet!  

I had a Carribean friend that taught me to first salt the bitter melon and let it sit for about half an hour so that it will draw out the excess water from it.  Another friend of mine (Filipino) gave me the recipe to make Pinakbet.

If you try the recipe,let me know what you think!

Note:  Olive Oil can be purchased at WalMart


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