Tea for your tummy!

January 20, 2020 Report

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We can all use a little extra digestion support, especially after all the indulgences over the holidays.

I’ve recently been enjoying this blend from Greenich Natural Health. They have a new line of teas called Curatea, each with a different health focus - detox, insomnia, relaxation, menopause, varicose veins, and digestion.

I’m always trying to improve my digestion and gut health, so I decided to try the Digestion blend. It’s main ingredients are calendula, cinnamon, thyme, and sweet fennel, all used in herbal medicine for digestive health. They’re great for inflammation, gas, and bloating.

The taste is interesting with the predominant flavour being thyme (at least to me!) Unlike any tea I’ve tried before, but I quite like the earthy, herbal taste. I haven’t tried it, but a bit of honey would probably make it more pleasing to most.

I also like the tin that it comes in, bonus! Perfect for storing herbs or loose leaf teas.



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