Refreshing DermaNiche Rose Water Facial Spray

January 10, 2020 Report

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Hey Tarra here!

As I mention in the video, I work in a spa so I'm very well versed in beauty products and the benefits of certain ingredients.This spray has Morrocan Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Rose Water and Rosewood Essential Oil. It's hydrating, refreshing, anti-aging, collagen boosting and smells amazing.

I have always been a fan of the rose smell, I know a lot of people find it "old" and too strong, I suppose it's a personal choice.

What I like about the essential oil element, is that I can spray it on my wrists too for a sweet refreshing smell all day long.

Its antioxidant effects are very important because you may not realize it, but during the day your skin is exposed to many toxins most of which you can't control. The environment outside, the sun, cleaning chemicals in buildings, car exhaust. Toxins kill cells, and on the skin, this will contribute to aging. So adding an antioxidant to your skin is a very important step in the anti-aging game!

Astringent properties allow you to use this product to heal scars, wounds, cuts, open pimples etc. It can be used to clean the pores and strengthen the cells (by keeping them clean).

Moisturizing. If you wear makeup you probably already know that make-up will lay better on the hydrated skin. If your skin is dehydrated you will see it when you apply your foundation. Keeping your skin hydrating has many benefits including not allowing chapping which could then lead to bacteria.

This can also be used as a toner after you wash your face in the morning and at night. After washing this will help to minimize pores.Just keep your mouth shut before you spray :)- Love Tarra


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