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Never again

December 18, 2019 Report

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I bought this product cause i like the color... 🤦😭 Didn't go out like this at all... Didn't cover the white hair... And goes out like i have red hair at the bottom... Definitely not gonna buy this anymore!


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I am amazed by this Product! Really like the effect on my skin
by Geneviève B


Definitely they change the recipe...more flaky than before... Loved them before... Still like them but i prefer the old recipe 😋 would still buy Them!
by Geneviève B


Ladies...I just got my FFF box last week... I never used the makeup eraser before. I use it two times since and you what??? I Will never stop using IT! IT's AMAZING!!! 🥰 In just a wipe it's taking off all the makeup with simple water. Even the waterproof mascara....
by Geneviève B

Simply delicious

I use that on my soups or to agrément my chicken...really good and enough salty.
by Geneviève B

Homemade hand sanitizer

So with the coronavirus, here is à homemade recipe you can keep on a bottle to one year. -1/2 cup of aloe vera gel - 1 pinch of xanthane gum - 35 drops of ho wood essential oil - 35 drops of balsam fir essential oil - 30 drops of...
by Geneviève B