Best tweezers EVER!

December 11, 2019 Report

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I’ve been a long time user of tweezerman slant tweezers and nothing else compares. They are able to grab the shortest little hair for removal. The tips are so tight that, at first, you run the risk of catching a tiny bit of skin in them. With a quick bit of practice, it’s no longer a concern. I’ve tried many different types of tweezers but alway go back to the best!


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Very light eye gel cream

I received this #freeproduct in exchange for a review. I’ve been using this mildly scented product for a few months. Only a little dab is needed around each eye. It is absorbed quickly and isn’t greasy at all. The delicate skin around my eyes is more hydrated since using this...
by Sandra MacKay

This sunscreen works!

I’m very fair and very prone to sunburn. I’ve tried so many different sunscreens but the only line of products that works for me is Ombrelle.This lightweight lotion has an SPF of 15. It sounds like it would be too low for my fair skin, but it works brilliantly as...
by Sandra MacKay

Not a favourite but it hydrates

I received this #freeproduct in exchange for a review. This Indeed Labs facial serum has a very mild scent and applies very smoothly. While I didn’t find that it instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, I did find that my skin felt much softer and more moisturized which can be...
by Sandra MacKay

Very nourishing

I received this #freeproduct in exchange for a review. I found this Indeed Labs product to be a very light, readily absorbed fragrance-free eye cream and a little went a long way. I didn’t notice any instant reduction in the appearance of my fine lines, wrinkles, etc. but the area...
by Sandra MacKay

Awful applicator!

I received this #freeproduct in exchange for a review. This volumising lip treatment from Indeed Labs is fragrance-free and has virtually no flavour. Its consistency is thicker than I expected and it loses points because it is very difficult to extrude from the applicator. In fact, it almost feels like...
by Sandra MacKay

Fights odours

I received a bottle of Hockey Skunk in exchange for a review. #freeproduct My husband has been using this fine mist spray on his funky-smelling hockey equipment. When first sprayed, it has a lemony “clean kitchen” type of scent that dissipates over time. The product does a nice job of...
by Sandra MacKay