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Smooth and satisfying

December 10, 2019 Report

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I'm normally not a fan of Starbucks coffee, but I figured I would try this one out. It is delicious! Such a smooth taste and it's very satisfying as your first coffee of the day. This is my go to and I keep it stocked both at home and at work. 


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Refreshing chapstick

Burt's bee's is hands down the best chapstick out there, especially if you live in a colder climate. This particular flavour is refreshing and keeps my lips feeling great. My kids also enjoy this one and have their own. A family favorite over here.
by Carrissa R

Hours of fun for kids

My Daughter has had this set for over a year now. It's small enough that it can fit into a bin and be put away easily, without having to take it apart. It came with a good amount of accessories and was worth the money as she often plays with...
by Carrissa R

Like orange POP but in tea form!!!

The title says it all, it seriously tastes like orange pop (without the fizz) but in warm tea form. It's such a comforting tea, especially after a long day. It smells amazing as well, and fills the room with its aroma. We LOVE this in our house.

Perfect dry skin moisturizer

Cetaphil is not your typical face lotion brand. They aren't "glamourous or fancy" like many of the others, BUT that's okay, because this stuff is amazing for combination skin for all seasons. It hydrates and is not oily or goopy. The bottle can last at least a month using it...
by Carrissa R

Strong fragrance, very nice cream

I received this in my vichy order as a sample. I don't love the stronger fragrance it has, however it goes on smoothly and absorbs fast. It left my face feeling SUPER soft. I would love to buy an unscented version of this if there is one? Overall the quality...

Refreshing and WORKS so well!

I received this product to try and wow am I blown away! It is a generous size bottle and upon spraying it has a very refreshing and clean smell. We used a couple sprays on each item and once it was absorbed and dried it was left with this very...
by Carrissa R