Natural Alternative to Conductive Gel for Microcurrent Devices

October 26, 2019 Report

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Ages ago, I purchased a Nuface electrical stimulating device for facial toning and then promptly stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it. Then, after turning 60 and a late night dive into Youtube, I remembered I had this device after seeing a couple of Youtubers talking about how they felt it actually worked to tone & lift the face! I am not sure how convinced I am, but since I have this device I thought I would give it another try. 

The problem is, the device comes with a gel that is full of toxic ingredients that I do not want to put on my skin, so I googled what to use instead that would be free of things like parabens, phlalates and fragrance.

The answer? Aloe gel! So, this big tube is my answer and I am enjoying using it with the Nuface device (when I remember to actually use it, that is).

They say you have to be consistent to see results with this, so I am hoping I can eventually get into a routine of using it. In any case, aloe vera is great for the skin so even if the electrical stimulation does not help tone my face, the aloe vera will!


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