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Hate apple cider vinegar, but love the benefits?!

October 24, 2019 Report

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I got this bottle about 2 weeks ago and honestly wasnt that excited to try it! (its like ACV has given me PTSD lol)

Everything aside, I picked up the bottle and took a wiff! NOT BAD.  I started by using 1 ounce mixed in with my smoothies to mask the taste. I tasted nothing!

A week in I began taking actual shots of it every morning because I realized it doesn’t have that sour aftershock effect. Pleased to say the least. 

A very very popular benefit of ACV is that it aids in digestion and I can personally say that it does. It also reduces inflammation and joint pain, and balances your PH levels. You can do so much with ACV but for my busy lifestyle quick and easy shots is what ill always be opting for. Maybe even some salad dressing soon?!

I will say while having my 2 bottles of ACV sitting next to eachother I do still use my Braggs bottle in my smoothies, but if I ever know that ill be actually tasting the ACV it will be the Maple Bee Nectar! These guys actually make the honey vinegar with 100% raw unpasteurized Canadian honey on a farm in Ontario! You can read up a lil more on their website. If you reside in Canada they also have a list of retailers organized by province. 


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MapleBee Nectar


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