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Add Sweetness with Out the Sugar

October 22, 2019 Report

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I have tried and puchased a variety of the Kaizen protein powers!  I like to switch back and forth from whey to plant based to avoid developing sensitivities to one ingrident.  This was the first time trying the Berry flavour and really enjoyed it as I often opt for vanilla. Having the natural berry flavour allowed me to reduce the fruit in my smoothie by bringing a nice sweetness and loading up on other nutrient rich add ons like spirulina, collagen, hemphearts etc!  A really nice switch up from my normal vanilla smoothie!


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The Plant Power in my Smoothies!

I love adding the super powerhouse of Spirulina to my smoothies and bowls. Spirulina is called a 'superfood' because of is various beneficial properties. From being one of the highest plant-sources of protein and iron. The bioavailability it adds to other nutrients and minerals, and the detoxification benefits. It truly ...
by Carmyn Ferguson RHN

Smooth Glowing Skin

I love mixing organic shea butter into a shower body scrub, adding coarse sea salt,  granulated sugar and baking powder. Exfoliate Skin in the shower it leaves your body feeling smooth and hydrated. Enjoy Smooth Glowing Skin this Summer!
by Carmyn Ferguson RHN

Healthy Long Hair Secrets

Show your hair some care from the inside. This balance of nutrients and herbs feed your hair to grow faster, stronger and thicker!
by Carmyn Ferguson RHN

Healthy Meals without the Bloat

I'm helping reduce the summer bloat by using Fody Foods Dressings.  They are low Fodmap, meaning free of a lot of gas and bloat causing ingredients. Garlic, onion, and gluten to name a few.  Loving this Garden Herb flavour, it is fresh and aromatic and tastes amazing on anything out...
by Carmyn Ferguson RHN

Dried out, Coloured, Frizzy Summer Hair - Multi-Tasking Treatment

Hair, I’ve got a bunch of it... and the hot sun and dry air in the summer takes it’s toll, so for the last week I’ve been doing some multi-tasking hair treatments with Prairie Naturals Wild Rose Serum 💕 Multi-tasking because I use it as a detangler to damp hair...

Shut down your hunger hormones with Freekeh!

Shut down your hunger hormones with Freekeh, this ancient grain is more nutritious than quinoa! High in protein and fibre, it will signal to your body to stop producing the hunger hormones that make us have cravings! Add to salads, oatmeals or on it's own to feel full longer!
by Carmyn Ferguson RHN