Gives me energy and aids in digestion. - Peopletail

Gives me energy and aids in digestion.

October 12, 2019 Report

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I have been using the honey vinegar for a few days. I do find it to taste very similar to apple cider vinegar, maybe a tad sweeter. It is a little less harsh in comparison so I find it easier to get down.

I've been having this in warm water in the mornings and I have noticed two great improvements so far. One is that I have more energy after consuming it. The other is that my digestion has greatly improved. My stomach would churn a lot after eating and that has reduced a lot since using this. I've also become more regular. 

I would definitely keep using it and would recommend it. 


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MapleBee Nectar


Helped to calm me, yet provided energy.

I purchased this after experiencing what were suspected to be tension headache for several months. I thought it may be adrenal fatigue since I have had been experiencing a lot of stress.Unfortunately, the pills did not help with the headaches, but I did feel calmer and I did notice that...

Tablets are not for me. Upset my stomach.

I have been using collagen for a few years now in a variety of different forms (powder, chewables, and tablets).Unfortunately I was only able to handle a few days of taking these tablets. Each time I tried taking it, I would get nauseated. Other brands of tablets have not left...

Works great

I don't have any major odour issues that I am dealing with but I am dealing with a bit of a prolapse which had me feeling a little self-conscious about freshness and I wanted to make sure I can be clean and fresh as I can be throughout the day,...
by Brenda Penton

No messy powder, no large pills, no taste. I love it!

I have tried several types of collagen now, most unsuccessfully. My original primary reason for trying them was my hair and skin at first due to hormonal issues and then later on, I followed a keto diet and more products because widely available as it seemed to become very trendy.I...

Works good at repelling bugs! Not a fan of the scent, but it isn't bad.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this spray. The package itself did not mention anything about it helping to repel bugs, which I found odd and had wondered if it actually would work.I have an allergy to mosquito bites. I get large hives when bitten. I was excited to...

Great for digestive issues.

I have been testing this supplement now for about a week. My main interested this was for digestive health. I take it each night before bed. I do not get any side effects from it at all, which is something I worry about when taking something new like this. The...
by Brenda Penton