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Refreshing Superfood

September 26, 2019 Report

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I love this powder as it is easy to dissolve into water and tastes delicious! It has been so easy for me to take in my nutrients with this red superfoods beverage!


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My go-to Mascara!

This is the best natural mascara! I love that it makes my lashes long and it stays on all day! This is a must try and I love that it's all natural and vegan. A great addition to your green beauty routine. 
by Nadina Villacis

Best HEALTHY cookie!

This cookie is my go-to now when I crave cookies. Made with quinoa and filled with goodness these cookies are delicous! I love that they are individually packaged so I can just grab one on the go! 
by Nadina Villacis

All-Purpose Coconut OIl!

I absolutely love this pure coconut oil. I use it for everything from cooking, baking, taking off my makeup, and moisturizing my skin! I love using this coconut oil in my cookie recipe!
by Nadina Villacis

Best for Baking!

I absolutely love this almond flour. I use it for all of my baking! Especially making almond flour cookies!
by Nadina Villacis

Like a chocolate bar!

This KIND bar is delcious! It tastes just like a chocolate bar but it's filled with goodness! 
by Nadina Villacis

Delcious way to get in nutrients!

I love this superfood of greens+ to add to your smoothie or drink with water! Delicious flavour that will make you want to drink your greens!
by Nadina Villacis