Double Maple Nuts n' More French Toast

September 25, 2019 Report

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Nuts n' More Chocolate Maple Pretzel drizzled over my cinnamon french toast .. then adding maple syrup. Could you name a better combo? I don't think so! Nuts n' More offers multiple flavoured spreads that contain a high protein amount! I love using it first thing in the morning to make sure I get enough protein before my long days of work.


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Vegan Vanilla Cashew Pancakes

Breakfast this morning was an absolute delight, brought to you by chef adri. I combined 2/3 cup oats, a scoop of Genuine Health's fermented Vegan Vanilla Protein, cinnamon, and a dash of baking powder. For those wondering if the protein makes you feel heavy after, don't worry! This protein is...
by Adriana Luciani

Upgrade Your Pasta With Chickpeas

Are you a lover of wheat-based pasta, indulge in it often, but, are left feeling sluggish? Try out chickpea based pasta next time from Explore Cuisine! An option made from chickpeas offers you the benefits of increasing your protein and fibre intake. Perfect as an energy source for long, work-packed...
by Adriana Luciani

Organic Farmer's Market Pumpkie Pie Smoothie

Pumpkin Pie in the form of a smoothie thanks to Farmer's Market Organics. I made this to kick start #pumpkinspice season. The thing I love about Farmer Market Organics is the quality of the pumpkin taste, super fresh - just as if you are having a freshly baked and roasted...
by Adriana Luciani

Come & Get Cha' Organic Coconut Milk Curry

I struggle with finding the perfect coconut milk with all the options offered to me on the market. Luckily I found Cha's Organic Premium Coconut Milk, and this product helped me make the dreamiest, creamiest and silkest yellow curry! 
by Adriana Luciani

Enjoy Life - More With Waffles

Mini waffles made using Enjoy Life's Pancake + Waffle mixture! I love the consistency of the batter and how fluffy these waffles turned out. Usually waffles come out air - filled but these were perfectly dense and moist!
by Adriana Luciani

I Can't 'Imagine' A Better Pair

Brought back my child hood favourite of a tomato soup served with a packed grilled cheese sandwich. Thanks to Imagine Foods Organic, I was able to do so and I hate to say it, but their product has definetely been the best tomato soup I've had yet! Where was this...
by Adriana Luciani