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Allergies are SNOT funny.

September 04, 2019 Report

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Tarra here...

I've been using a Neti Pot for 20+ years. It was first introduced to me by my husband who used to do it back in his home country of Russia. It's an ancient technique that is used to clean the sinus cavity. 

Using a packet of saline per nostril, you rush warm water into each nostril to help expell toxins, phlegm and anything that's clogging your nose.  This remedy is IDEAL for allergies, colds or sinus infection.

The idea is, the saline is basically salt and it helps to disinfect and dry out your nose. The warm water helps to break down any build up.

It's a little tricky to learn but once you figure it out - you're hooked.  Help avoid medicated sprays and allergy meds by flushing your nose! 

They also have just a spray for children.

LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH.... Cheers to another 20+ years of Nose Flushing and NO MORE ALLERGIES!! Pretty sure Jenna is SOLD!




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