No messy powder, no large pills, no taste. I love it!

August 13, 2019 Report

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I have tried several types of collagen now, most unsuccessfully. My original primary reason for trying them was my hair and skin at first due to hormonal issues and then later on, I followed a keto diet and more products because widely available as it seemed to become very trendy.

I have tried several brands of the pills but always found them to be very large to swallow and needed 6 tablets a day. Choking them down wasn't an easy task. Then there was the hydrolyzed powders that were "unflavoured" and could be added to hot or cold liquids. Just because they were unflavoured meant they had no was just no flavouring added....but I found most still had a bad taste similar to gelatin. I also tried the flavoured which was even worse because it had flavour on top of the bad taste. Also, the powders seem to never mix as easy as they say.

So this was my first time trying this brand. I expected it to be oily for some reason and have that collagen taste to it, but was barely noticeable in my cup. I was really happy with that. I could not taste it and I could not feel it. It blended in with my coffee nicely. 

I love that it is so easy to dose out as well. I use a serving (two tsps) and no messy, sticky powder at all. 

Super happy with this so far and no bad side effects. I can't wait to see how well it works in the long run.


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