It really is magic!

August 07, 2019 Report

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Wow, this cream really is magic!  I gave it to a family member who has psoriasis.  Nothing else has worked for this person, including prescription creams, but the Magic Cream worked!  It's gentle, effective, and definitely worth the price.


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No More Stinky Pits!

I'll admit it - I'm pretty stinky.  I have searched far and wide for a natural deodourant that actually works without irritating my pits (from baking soda), and I FINALLY found it.  I've been using this for about 2 years and there is no going back to anything else!
by Jessica Gilbert

Not as good as the others :(

I'm a big fan of the Jason body washes because they are all natural, smell good, and are well-priced.  The Creamy Coconut is the exception!  It smells kind of funny and hardly lathers.  Thumbs down.
by Jessica Gilbert

The best snack!

This is an amazing snack!  It's just dried mango, no other ingredients!  They are soft and delicious, and satisfy the sweet cravings.  My kids love them too!
by Jessica Gilbert

Silky smooth!

Wow, this smells amazing and makes my hair so soft!  I'm happy that it's natural, and I feel good about my kids using it as well.
by Jessica Gilbert

Vegan and Kosher!

As a woman and a vegetarian, getting enough iron is something that I always have to be conscious of.  These are great because they are non-constipating, vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and gluten-free.
by Jessica Gilbert

Nutty and healthy!

Wow, this is delicious! So nutty and full of nutrients! will definitely add this to my regular menus!
by Jessica Gilbert