I didn't know my skin had room to improve, then I used this.

July 30, 2019 Report

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Disclosure: Thanks to genetics (women in my family don't seem to look "old" until we hit our 60s) and lifestyle, I look younger than my 43 years, to begin with. My younger appearance is one of the reasons that I didn't expect benefits from this product. Still. I was curious to try it. I mean, when IS the time to start using "anti-aging" products and serums? My mom always took good care of her skin. I'm lazy in my skincare.

The results: I've noticed that my skin feels smoother after I apply the serum. Sometimes I apply it with moisturizer, sometimes I apply it without. What has surprised me most is that after I'd been using the Vitamin C Serum for about a week, someone who sees me regularly commented that my skin looks healthier and asked what I've been doing. Someone noticed a difference in my skin!

Based on my experience with this serum, I'd be happy to buy it again and will seek out other Derma E products. This product got me hooked.


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