These low-carb noodles absorb all the flavours!!

July 17, 2019 Report

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These noodles are a great option to reduce your carb intake, but to still enjoy pasta. Make sure you rinse them in cold water first. These only take a few minutes in the frying pan to cook. The key is to make sure you load them up on sauce and flavour, as they need quite a bit to soak up the flavours and taste better. I recommend making whatever pasta sauce, stir fry sauce, etc you normally make and adding it to these noodles in the frying pan to give them time to absorb. The reason you want to fry the noodles for a couple minutes before adding any sauce is to give them a chance to dry out, and therefore, absorb the sauce flavour and allow for the sauce to stick. 


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These are great for an on-the-go snack. They are not super sweet and have good ingredients in them. I love the cinnamon flavour too! 
by Jenny M

Super soft and tangle-free hair!

This is one of my ultimate go-to products. I use it after I shower, as my hair is prone to tangles and dryness. This makes it easy to comb through my hair and leaves it feeling soft and shiny once it is dry. I highly recommend! 
by Jenny M

Long hair and nails!

Once I started using biotin, I noticed a huge difference in my hair - even my hairdresser did. This made my hair grow much quicker, but also, made my hair MUCH thicker. I noticed that my nails also grow a lot faster. 
by Jenny M

Health in a Powder!

I had no idea that Moringa was SO healthy and loaded with all the good stuff that your body needs. I am low on iron, so this has really helped me. I also have stomach issues and it has calmed down my stomach quite a bit. 
by Jenny M


I am really happy with the results of this tumeric. Tumeric is so good for inflammation, so as a result, I have found that this has helped with my stomach and headaches. It is so much easier to use than the powder and you get way more health benefits. I...
by Jenny M


This was my first time trying freekeh and I was wholly impressed. I was amazed with all the health benefits. I have tried it as a cold salad (similar to a quinoa salad), which was very delicious and will be great for those hot summer days. It is also great...
by Jenny M