FIBERrific Bowels!!

July 05, 2019 Report

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Do you get enough Fiber every day?

We need between 25-38grams of Fiber every day!

Most people are not getting even close to this amount through diet alone! I always feel that getting what we need through our diet first is best but often that can be hard for some people and that’s where a product like @purelenatural“FIBERrific” comes in!

This amazing tasteless, all natural powder helps maintain regular bowels! And we all know we need to eliminate waste from our bodies for optimum health!

I love that this is 100% natural, soluble dietary fiber extracted from the root of the chicory plant! Edible fiber from plants are called “inulin”Inulin is not digested or absorbed in the stomach. It goes to the bowels where bacteria are able to use it to grow- which can relieve constipation!It’s a completely soluble,grit free, sugar free, 100% water soluble, non thickening, no added sweeteners, and no added flavours!It is 97% fiber+prebiotic ( the food for probiotics!!)It’s Gluten free, Vegan, NON GMO, Made in Canada, mixes clear and you can even use in cooking or baking!

Other benefits from having enough fiber every day are-

* lowers cholesterol

*improves mineral absorption

*enhances digestion

*improves immunity

*balances blood sugar

*enhances protein absorption

*naturally detoxes the body

Amazing product!


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