Whats in your smoothie?

July 04, 2019 Report

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My favorite way to start the day is with a smoothie full of goodness!!! Fuelling my body for a long day is important to me and I'm so excited that the Fermented Proteinis now Organic! It blends smooth into your favorite ingredients & or tasty on its own!


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Nature's Source


Keeping me on top of my game!

Have you hear the benefits of Elderberry? A powerful antioxident, anti-viral and immune booster. I don't know how I got through cold/flu season without it. Working intimiately with young families I needed something to help keep me on top of my game! The quality and taste of Flora Elderberry Crystals...
by Catherine Switzer

Beachy Waves!!

I have never had thick hair, so when the opportunity came up to try Hair Volume I couldn't wait!! I've been using it for a month and I can already notice the difference! I can't wait to see the results after 6 months!! 
by Catherine Switzer

Spring cleaning!!!

 I get asked so often about detoxing & cleansing, it isn’t a simple topic. By following the guidance of a nutritionist with the help of a clean & supportive product like @prairienaturalsReCleanse you are setting yourself up for success! Spring is a great time to cleanse & rejuvenate as this...
by Catherine Switzer

Healthy Heart with Hemp Hearts

These tiny morsels of goodness have been a regular part of my day to day for 8 years now! And excellent way to add a boost of nutrition to you salad, smoothie or any dish! Hi in Omega3, Protein & fiber, I highly recommend grabbing some ASAP!!
by Catherine Switzer

Move over Greens!!

That dark red pigment holds a whole lot of punch to help nourish your cells & detox your system!! Try adding some to your smoothie or drink it on its own mixed in water!!
by Catherine Switzer


Bones are the structure that supports us! Strong bones & teeth are so important to maintianing a healthy lifestyle! Luckily Purica has made this vegan blend that is so nourishing & formulated for optimal absoprtion! 
by Catherine Switzer