No more eye burn!

July 04, 2019 Report

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I find that typical makeup remover wipes make my eyes burn. I’ve tried many other all natural wipes. While some made my eyes burn LESS they were not effective at removing my eye makeup. 

This product has been great. I will buy it again and again. 


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This plant based protein powder is powered up with hemp protein. It's such an easy way to increase the nutrient value of your smoothies. As a nutritionist who specializes in digestive health, I consider Smoothies an amazing way for clients to get incredible macro and micro nutrient density without too...
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I tried these noodles - they are actually amazing for anyone who is observing a low carb diet. They do take on the flavour of what you are combining them with, which is good. I just couldn't get past the no taste factor and wasn't keen for the texture.

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Love this ketchup and these products...Wholesome ingredients and I find they have way more taste than regular ketchup and bbq sauces.Much better for those watching their sugar intake for blood sugar management.Love it!

Moisture Now, Sticky Later

While I am a huge fan of this line of skin products (try the makeup remover wipes, ah-mazing), I didn't like this skin care cream. I found it too thick and left an after feel that wasn't pleasant.
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