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June 28, 2019 Report

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Good taste and good ingredients. Great with chicken and feta salad as well.


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Better than regular butter

I LOVE this ghee.It tastes really good. I like using it to sautee some mushrooms or make French Toasts.
by Claudia Candeias

One of the best

I usually don't like protein shakes. I don't like the taste at all.This one (and their caramel flavor) is the only one I like. I sometimes take one shake after my workout or I add some into my oatmeal.
by Claudia Candeias

My obsession

I LOVE THEM! Those are the bests. I tried to buy some banana chips in bulk but they don't taste as good as those.
by Claudia Candeias

The best brand for cleaning products

We love this brand. We use their cleaning products every day; Dishwasher, laundry, toilet, etc… Their are EWG approuved.
by Claudia Candeias

Delicious and versatile

I love this blend of super-seeds. I add them to all my meals ; soup, salad, toasts and even pasta. 
by Claudia Candeias

It is worth it

Using those reusable beeswax food wrap changed our life! We can used them for everything ; wraping foods or even like a lid on a bowl. They are great, easy to use and to clean.
by Claudia Candeias