Naturalene by Greeniche are part of my summer body care essentials!

June 28, 2019 Report

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Naturalene Wipes, face wash gel & the cream are now part of my summer family body care product essential list.  Made with natural ingredients, with no offensive odours, dyes or yucky parabens. Products for the whole family. I love that it’s not very scented too. The cream is soothing, the wipes are not irritating on my skin and the face wash is refreshing & moisturizing


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Iron out Anemia

If your iron levels tend to run on the low side, you can help your body uptake iron more efficiently and retain good iron levels with these recommendations.  Iron deficiency can be worsened by gluten sensitivity.  You can read up on all things related to gluten and wheat intolerances in...
by Zahra Abbas

LavendAdderall: My kind of Calm

So many easy and effective ways to bring lavender into your Hygge Lifestyle in Canada.  I use lavender essential oil all year long but winter time proves to need a little more mood balancing, pampering and warmth..just another level up.  Lavender oil capsules when supplemented with for a minimum of 2 weeks can promote relaxation, ease nervous anxiety feelings, improve sleep and digestion (lavender is a good tonic for phase 1 liver detoxification).  I love the aromatherapy calming effects of a good lavender scented soap.  Sometimes I even take a cup of lavender tulsi tea into a nice warm, salty lavender bath.  It just melts away the brunt of the low temperatures and low sunlight exposure during our lovely Canadian winters.
by Zahra Abbas

Warm Alkaline Caramel Goodness

So I have been on the apple cider vinegar with warm water first thing in the morning kick for almost a year.  I even started a club with other neighbourhood moms to add this to their morning routine.  Even if I don't remember to do it every single morning its been a steady 3 out of 5 mornings atleast.  I was already feeling good about the practice. The warm, pungent, tart liquid bathing my digestive tract was giving me a pop of morning time energy and I felt like it was helping my digestive fire increase.  Lord knows after two kids and being past the age of 35 those fires definately have needed a bit of stoking.  Imagine to my delight when I came across a Manuka honey and to me it tastes like a rich caramel.  I was in love!! Like for real HEART EYES emoji kinda love.  I have been putting this antibacterial, antifungal, vitamin B6 & B12 naturally occuring dark rich honey in my warm ACV tea.  Mind you I don't want to ruin the therapeutic properties of the honey so I never pour scalding hot water in my cup, warmish water will do.  It's been a...
by Zahra Abbas

No more Netti pot Nightmares

One of most significant additions to my winter wellness routine to prevent cold/flu, improve oral health, reduce the chance of yeast and candida infections in the ENT (ear, nose and throat) mucsoa; has been cleansing my nasal passages with the easy to use and sterile Nasopure nasal wash system.  It is way easier to use than a traditional netti pot.  Kids can use it too with much ease.  The kit comes with a buffered gentle and pH balanced saline powder, so zero burn or stinging sensations will be felt.  I help my children use the Nasopure system as soon as they experience the beginnings of cold/flu symptoms and my experience has been that they recover very quickly from what turns out to be a milder version of the winter bugs  They release mucous with easy after the treatment.   I also feel it has helped reduce the severity ofmy sinus allergy symptoms.  Developed by a Pediatrician from the US, the design is very well thought out and the Nasopure system is easy to sterilize.  
by Zahra Abbas

Get Lippy for Lucious Lips

Not into botox?  Or not into it just yet?  In any case, I was on the hunt for some au natural type of remedies for my weathered lips. I'm not talking about chapped lips.  I'm talking deep set fine lines on lips. I really like to wear non-toxic vibrant lip colour but over time sun exposure, low essential fatty acid content in my diet and just plain old dehydration took the lucious out of my lips and surrounding area skin.  I asked a group of beauty experts at a natural beauty event in Toronto and not a single one had a good suggestion short of botox treatments to revive lips that look aged.  I did my own research and tried the following combination and I like the results I got.  Now lets be real, it's not botox like results but i'm sure you are going to love this combination for a all non invasive, very holistic approach to anti-aging your lips. A combination of CoQ10, Collagen (bovine or marine sourced) supplementation and rosehip oil  have reduced the appearance of fine lines on my lips.  I mix the collagen powder in my morning smoothie.  Midday I take a chewable Coq10 I...
by Zahra Abbas

Bluelight Beware: It's never too late to focus on eye care

I think one of the most alarming things I came to know this year was the fact that most people are heading towards vision compromise and they have no idea its happening.  Vision loss symptoms most times only show up when its too late to do anything short of emergency...