Love hemp seeds

June 27, 2019 Report

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I put these hemp hearts on everything - smoothies, granola, baked goods, salads, desserts. I use them to make hemp milk too, no straining required, just add water and blend!


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Great zero waste bar soap option

Love that this bar comes without any packaging!
by Melissa Torio

Plastic free floss!

This is such a great option for zero waste dental floss.
by Melissa Torio

Sunshine in a cup!

This golden turmeric latte is delicious!Just add hot water and you get a healthy turmeric latte full of shroom power!
by Melissa Torio

First time to try this

I've had fresh jackfruit before, but have never tried it as a meat alternative. This product was easy to use! I didn't like it on its own though, I think it's best seasoned and mixed in a salad or another dish. Full disclosure: I received a free sample of this product...
by Melissa Torio

Liquid collagen

This is such a convenient way of getting collagen into your coffee or elixir! Just pour into your drink and mix.
by Melissa Torio

Smells great!

This product smells great and is not overpowering like other bug sprays. Even my kids like it! 
by Melissa Torio