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Add some zing to your stir-fry with Truly Turmeric

June 19, 2019 Report

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When you suffer from gut issues as long as I have, I often find myself gravitating towards very simple, maybe almost bland foods because it helps me to better control what's in it and how I will react to it. So, if I want to spice things up, I either use anything in my spice cabinet that I can find, fresh herbs and spices or I look for clean ingredients in store bought condiments. @truly.turmeric by Naledo is a paste made of wildcrafted whole turmeric root, cold-pressed coconut oil and fresh lime juice. It also has a touch of ginger which provides some nice zing to it and tastes super fresh. Super simple, just add two teaspoons, mix it up and it's ready to go!

If you need the recipe, please get in touch. 


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