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Perfect scent, light, and clean ingredients!

June 18, 2019 Report

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This leave-in serum is fantastic. I've been using it on both my hair and skin. It is very moisturizing, smells excellent, and has a clean ingredient list- contains no SLS, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, MEA, DEA... the list goes on! I found it very hydrating and the pump disperses the perfect amount of product so that none gets wasted. 


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Finally a natural bubble bath that actually makes bubbles!

I have searched high and low to find a natural bubble bath that actually works. Everything else would either barely make bubbles, or they would fizz away in minutes, leaving disappointed kids. I was so happy to be introduced to this product. Lots of bubbles, and they last the whole...

Healthy and affordable choice

This yogurt is a favourite with my kids. There is no sugar, no gelatin, and the ingredient list is nice and clean. I feel confident feeding it to my family. I choose the higher fat choice for the children, and add fresh fruit/seeds. This is a staple for us.
by Chaka Liz Ben Yehuda

Huge help for my sensitive teeth

This toothpaste really helped me with my sensitive teeth and leaves me with fresh breath. I will continue to buy!
by Chaka Liz Ben Yehuda

Effective and Tasty!

This omega-3 supplement is plant-sourced (seaweed) which was very important to the vegans in our household and also that means that there is no fishy breath or burps. Everyone in the family liked this flavour, which was subtle and pleasant. It was easy to take and VERY helpful in treating...
by Chaka Liz Ben Yehuda

Tasty and Nutritious!

I received this product for testing purposes, and was SO pleased. Firstly, it is Kosher and Organic- score! When I heard that it contains 40 nutrients and 90 antioxidants, I didn't believe it would be so yummy. I made a latte, and the powder dissolved very easily  with no clumps...
by Chaka Liz Ben Yehuda

Nutty and Flavourful Grain- New fave!

This freekeh is fantastic. It takes longer than other grains to cook, so keep that in mind while preparing, but it is well worth it. Easy to make and very healthy and tasty. I made it with asparagus, pine nuts, and red peppers, cooked with some spices and drizzled with...
by Chaka Liz Ben Yehuda