Wild Rose Serum helps tame my wild mane

Wild Rose Serum helps tame my wild mane

June 18, 2019 Report

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This moisturizing repair serum helps tame my dry and frizzy hair. It is made in Canada with all natural products including shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, rose geranium, lavender and lemon oil 🌹 🌹 It also smells divine. It is also multi-purpose and can be used to moisturize skin as well 👍 


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Spice up your salads with these superfood seeds

I love this product as it helps me incorporate seeds into my meals. Every time I made a salad I would sprinkle some of these guys on for a nutritional boost. It is the perfect plant based protein 🌿 I would also sprinkle on top of yummy sandwiches. The package...
by 🌻 Whitney 🌻Healing with food

Magnesium citrate powder to help you sleep and keep you regular

This formula is highly absorbable and is known to improve sleep, help with regular bowel movements, reduce pain and promote heart health.When added to water, this fruity effervescent drink promotes healthy magnesium levels and balances calcium intake.I add 2 tsp of powder to a cup of hot water every night...
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Collagen for the win!

Consuming collagen has a variety of health benefits including relieving joint pain and improving skin, hair and nail health.It has no flavour and can easily be added to smoothies, coffee, soups, baking, etc.I personally noticed a huge difference in the health of my fingernails and my hair is growing like...
by 🌻 Whitney 🌻Healing with food

Red is the New Green

This convenient, ready to use RED SUPERFOODS powder by #prairienaturals is the perfect quick and easy way to ensure you're getting all of your nutrients in. It is perfect for when you are traveling when it's not likely you'll have the time to make nourishing meals. Just add 1 scoop...
by 🌻 Whitney 🌻Healing with food

Add a little pep to your step with Moringa powder

Moringa leaf powder is an incredible coffee replacement. It has a high nutrient content and contains vitamin A, B6, C as well as iron and calcium. It is organic and so easy to add to smoothies, yogurt or sauces. My fav is a Moringa tea latte. Just add 1 tsp...
by 🌻 Whitney 🌻Healing with food

Good pulled pork substitute

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone 😁Have you ever heard of jackfruit? It is a large, green tropical fruit that grows in bunches on trees. The fruits flesh is naturally fibrous and delicious.Its texture has been compared to that of pulled pork when marinated in a BBQ-like sauce. 🔥You can buy it...
by 🌻 Whitney 🌻Healing with food