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Deliciously Tangy Zip

June 15, 2019 Report

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This dressing is so amazing I feel like I can eat my entire couscous salad to myself. Highly recommended and you don't have to just be following FODMAP to enjoy. Perfect for those summer bbq's and putluck meals. Yum!


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Amazing Suppliment

Being vegan I like to cover all my bases. Especially being as active as I am. I recently started taking Pure-le Natural Easy Vitamins & Minerals Iron Powder and it is the perfect fit for my lifestyle. 
by Tricia Duliban

Adds not only a super boost but beautiful color!

They say you eat with your eyes first. Prairie Natruals Red Superfoods is one of my favorite ingredients to add into my nice cream. Not only does it give a boost of healthy nutrition but it makes an amazing color that makes you want to just keep on enjoying! 

I wouldn't dare have tofu scramble without it!

Turmeric is somthing I try to add in to my diet as often as possible. I have fibromyalgia and my body suffers from inflammation. One of my wepons of choice is turmeric. One of the things I love about Prairie Naturals turmeric is that is it naturally fermented which is...

Super nutrient boost

With the nice weather here I am all about the smoothies. I am also all about adding as much nutrients as possible daily. I am on a healing and weight loss journey and instead of focusing on cutting things out of my diet I am focusing on adding as much...
by Tricia Duliban

A new plant-based staple for my kitchen!

I have been plant based for almost 4 years. I really wish I had tried this years ago! I love the nutty flavor and the chewy texture is amazing! I can't wait to try this out in soup! I am so excited about having a new whole grain staple to...

So nutty! So good!

I had a chance to try out these Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts and I love them. I love to add them to just about any recipe. Being a plant based vegan I find it important to get in the omaga fats and the extra protien. I experimented and created a...
by Tricia Duliban