Hemp Hemp HOORAY

June 05, 2019 Report

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I love adding hemp to almost anything especially my cereals, oatmeals and baked goods. I love that hemp is a great source of plant based protein thats so easy and versatile to add to anything 


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The most delicious mayo ever!

Mayo isnt something thats loved by everyone because to be honest, it lacks flavor. The choosen foods mayo is insanley delicious and adds moisture and flavor to anything. Ive even used it in sweet dishes when baking desserts to add moisture when I'm out of coconut yogurt. Mixed this with some...
by Daniella Magnatta

Purica Favs

There are a few of my favorite supplements from Purica. Reshi: i take this nightly and during times of high stress, it supports my immune system and I never travel without it! Immune7: My ride or die when im starting to feel sick, I take 2 when I feel something coming on...
by Daniella Magnatta