Afternoon Fatigue no more!

May 29, 2019 Report

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I have given this product to clients that are low on iron.  Most products on the market leave you feeling uncomfortable and constipated but this product stands behind its words - its vegan, and very gentle on your stomach. my clients have felt results. almost all vitmins and mineral supplements need to be taken on a regular basis for a client to see true results. 


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A healthier, more energetic YOU

I love this product because it tastes good and its sublingual- it bipasses the digestive system; which means that its more effective and fast acting. I do see a difference in my over all energy levels. would definiately recommend this product to clients; a part of their regular daily vitamin...
by Melissa Sepideh Ziaei

Thick hair- Dont care!

I ws actually surprised by this product! it works- I had issues with hair breakage after my child was born- I already had thicker than normal hair but now I have baby hairs growing from all over my head! its shiner and doesnt break as often when I brush. I...
by Melissa Sepideh Ziaei

A happy colon means a happier YOU!

This product is great to jump strat you whole wellness goals. humans keep up to 40lbs of feces in their colon/intestines; this helps clear what has been lurking arpund for a while. I tried it and I was regularily (well more than regular lol) using the bathroom. Once again this...
by Melissa Sepideh Ziaei

Tasty and Easy to go down

Such a good and clean product. You can tell its good quality as this product doesnt taste horrible like usual spirulina does. Most other products take over your whole taste of a shake but not this one. I can even add it to water and drink. the best one ive...
by Melissa Sepideh Ziaei


I love this uplifting blend of essential oils that can be used in a diffuser to brighten up your day. Sometimes we need that boost in the morning driving to work- use it in your difuser in the car! Love it. 
by Melissa Sepideh Ziaei

Mirror, mirror on the Wall

Hi FB fam! 😁😊I'm here to share some knowledge. I have recently been blessed with the opportunity to be a VISTA Magazine and Peopletail product reviewer. This has allowed me to try new and amazing local products that could change lives. I am now pregnant and have to watch what...
by Melissa Sepideh Ziaei