Acid Go AWay

May 27, 2019 Report

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Alkaline water helps to alkaline the body. Many health conditions thrive in an acidic environment and this is an easy way to help create an alkaline environment all while hydrating yourself. I also love that they have flavoured ones too. 


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Prairie Naturals Organic Spirulina

Absolutely love the superfood spirulina for it's high nutrient content. I add it to my lemon water in the morning, in to a smoothies, or to my bliss balls and baked goods. Such a versatile ingredient that offers so many health benefits.
by Stacey Brigden

7 days to cleanse it out

I found the 7 day recleanse to be easy to follow and left me feeling amazing at the end. Less bloating, cravings, and an overall better feeling. Love the fact that it's only 7 days too. 
by Stacey Brigden

A nutrient powerhouse high in protein

I highly recommend this moringa powder! It tastes great and mixes well in smoothies and a natural high source of protein. It's hard to get enough protein in if you're plant based and I love using this for just that. It's also high in iron too. Mix with dairy free milk,...
by Stacey Brigden

Anti-inflammatory goodness!

Turmeric is amazing for our health and has so many benefits to the body but I find powder to have a chalky taste at times, depending on what I'm using it in and how much I use. For instance, I love this in my turmeric milk lattes as the paste...
by Stacey Brigden

Omega me yum!

One of my absolute favourite sources of healhty fat and protein. I love adding them to my smoothies, baked goods, or sprinkled on yogurt and fruit and salads. Perfect addition to any meal for sustainable energy. 
by Stacey Brigden

Quick, nutritious, and delicious!

Frist time trying this out and I love it! I'm not vegan or vegetarian but I love trying out different things, and having options when healthy meat isn't available. I loved how quick it was and that it took on any flavour. I added some bbq sauce and made pulled...
by Stacey Brigden