The Only Sweetener You'll Need!

May 24, 2019 Report

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This is hands down my favourite sweetener/sugar replacement. Safe for diabetics and Keto followers, gluten-free, safe during pregnancy and no weird aftertaste! Highly recommend for all!


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The best!

I LOVE using Natural Calm for muscle cramps - especially during pregnancy! It's always been a favourite of mine, usually to use to relax at night before bed, but even more so now that I'm in my 8th month of pregnancy. Super safe, super effective and I love the lemon...
by Chelsea Spackman

Travel Essential!

This is a massive life-saver for eating out (especially when you're sensitive to a lot of foods), and even more so for travel! Every time I pack my bag - Dubai, Toronto, London, Singapore... You name it, this is packed in my carry-on always! Reduces inflammation and bloating effects caused...
by Chelsea Spackman

Move over, Berkey!

This Santevia water pitcher is an absolute game-changer! All the benefits of a Berkey (mineralised and alkaline water), but in the convenience of a Brita-type water pitcher for your fridge... Amazing! the water tastes so fresh, and the entire system is so clean and eco-friendly, even when it comes to...
by Chelsea Spackman

Prenancy Belly Must-Have

This super rich shea butter is so moisturising and has been incredible for keeping stretch marks to a minimum on my growing baby belly! I love that I don't need to worry about nasty ingredients when I rub this on every night :)
by Chelsea Spackman

The Ultimate Salad Topper

These are so nutrient dense and so easy to throw on top of any salad for an extra crunch! I love mixing these with over nuts and seeds on top of my greens for the ultimate superfood salad. Yum!
by Chelsea Spackman