Delicious snack bar

May 24, 2019 Report

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I buy these all the time!! It is hard to find a good bar with low sugar content and so these are really ideal for me.  The sugar is below 8g, high in protien, and the flavour is so satisfying.  I love the crunch of the nuts in this bar, and the sea salt and dark chocoalte pair together so nicely.  They are my go-to when I'm on the run, or feeling pekish late at night.  I have tried other flavours of KIND bars but this one seems to be the best!


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The best topping for everything!

I'm a huge fan of adding extra protein and superfoods to my meals and Planet Hemp's Super Food Hemp Hearts are so perfect for doing that.  Just sprinkle on top of yogurt, toast, salads, smoothies and enjoy the crunchy added benefits! One of my favourite products.
by natalie gomes

Fav Snack!

These are some of my favourite protien/gluten-free balls on the market.  Great size, chewy and full of peanut goodness.  I always carry a few in my purse for when I need a quick snack or even to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I highly recommened these awesome little snack balls.  Also...
by natalie gomes

Truly Awesome!

I have never used a turmeric paste before and so I was very excited to try this product out.  It's very versatile and can be added to almost any meal - curries, smoothies, tofu, chicken, rice, etc. It adds a lovely flavour, colour and of course, great nutritional benefits.  I...
by natalie gomes