The perfect cleansing clothes!

May 20, 2019 Report

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I usually avoid cleansing clothes since I have sensative skin and it's hard to find a natural option. Theses are incredible! Perfect for my sensative skin and they make cleansing so I never miss a day, no matter how tired I am! 


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Love this product!

This is my go to Olive Oil. It tastes amazing and is high quality, so you reap all the nutritional benifiets. I always look for olive oil to be in a dark bottle and cold pressed to ensure quality. This one checks those boxes! 
by Aly Shoom

Delicious matcha!

I've recently swapped out my coffee for matcha and it's made a huge different to my sleep and energy levels. I feel WAY better than I have in a long time! I've been using DoMatcha to make my Matcha Latte every mornning and it's become a favourite ritual of mine. 
by Aly Shoom

My New Favourite Grain!

I absolutly love this product! It's been added to my rotation of grains and is one of the more nutrient dense ones. Freekah has more fibre and protein than quinoa. I LOVE the taste and it's just as easy to make as rice and quinoa. I have it on it's...
by Aly Shoom

It's what you make of it!

This comes unseasoned, and you'll defenitaly want to season it! I think it's all about the seasoning...if you chose a good recipe this will be great! If not, I would give it another go. It really tastes like whatever you put on it and has a great texture. I made...
by Aly Shoom

Great ketcup alternative!

I love this product! It's excellent on veggie burgers and sweet potato fries, or really anything you would usually use ketchup on. I haven't had ketchup in many years (I try to avoid it, since it's filled with sugar) but to me this actually tastes better than regular ketchup. If...
by Aly Shoom

Smells amazing!

I cannot stand the smell of chemical bug-spray...and would never use it because of all the toxins! This product is made with pure essential oils, has no synthetic chemicals, and is petroleum free. This is a great alternitive that smells MUCH better. I also love the packaging, which is a...
by Aly Shoom