Adrenal fatigue life saver

May 19, 2019 Report

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Anyone who's under a lot of chronic stress and exhibits symptoms of adrenal fatigue should consider this supplement. It works by nourishing the adrenal glands with the nutrient required to make its hormones. It also contains botanicals that are classified as adaptogens, helping the body adapt and cope with stress.


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My favourite face wash

Packed with nourishing skin oils. Great for dry or sensitive skin. Pure organic ingredients that clean the skin while retaining moisture. Rich in vitamin A and E!!
by Nikki Agostino, CNP

The superfood I eat daily

Chia seeds are my favourite seed that pack a nutritional punch! They offer a great source of Alpha Linolenic Acid.(plant sourced essential omega 3) We often don’t get enough omega 3’s in our diet so eating chia can help boost your intake. Chia seeds are an incredible soluble fibre source...
by Nikki Agostino, CNP